January 25th Community “Visioning” Workshop


On January 25th , 2017 over 150 residents and stakeholders from throughout the Morningside Heights community came together to express their heartfelt opinions and address the important social, economic, political, and emotional issues facing our “small town” community.

Information on overdevelopment, soft-sites, work/home participant location map, and issue guidelines were displayed throughout the room. At the end of the workshop, a speaker from each table was selected to state some of the preliminary “take away”; headlines that we have summarized below.

Based on the collected worksheets and extensive notes, MHCC issued a report, “Morningside Speaks!” —  to City Planning, the Mayor’s office, and our local representatives.  You can download it from this website.

  •  Morningside Needs to Preserve “Small Town” Environment
  • Infrastructure — Maintain “Quality of Life”
  • Institutional Overdevelopment “Creating Dead Community”
  • “Truly Affordable” Housing Needed to Promote Diversity and Preserve Sense of Community
  • Schools Overcrowded, Underfunded — Need a New School Built for the 21st Century
  • Apartment Rental Pricing Soaring — Middle-Class Priced Out
  • Arts Funding Would Improve Quality of Life and Economic Growth
  • Greenspace Opportunities:  Covering Subway Tracks —  “High Line” Type Park Reduces Noise, Creates an Attraction
  • Re-Zoning Needed to Promote Contextual Development, Limit Building Heights — “What Happened to Aesthetics?”
  • Transportation Needs Upgrade — More Buses, More Trains, Elevators for Elderly and Disabled, Improve 125th Street Station Conditions
  • Tall Towers Robbing Morningside of Light, Air, and Space
  • Overdevelopment Limiting Pedestrian Spaces, “Walkability”
  • “Mom and Pop” Stores Disappearing — Luxury Housing Raising Rents
  • Construction Safety Plans Should Be Enforced — Neighborhood Residents at Risk

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